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Every expecting family
deserves a DOULA!
In 2022, Beautiful Beginnings celebrated it's 500th birth!

The Beauty Lies in the Transformation

What makes birth beautiful? Sunshine and rainbows and hearts and flowers? I think not. I chose Beautiful Beginnings as a representation of my practice because it is such an individual viewpoint for each of you - how you desire and experience birth is so incredibly unique and special to  you. I realize and appreciate the impact of the birth upon all of the people involved, and am proud of the confidence, energy, and perspective I'm honored to offer to my clients since 2007. Childbirth is beautifully raw and primal: the most transformational experiences we have in our lifetimes. To say how grateful I am to be invited into such intimite moments for your family, to be entrusted to hold your hand, assure your heart, and help you feel loved and cared for, is beyond any words I can express.

From the depths of my heart, thank you for trusting me with your Beautiful Beginning. 

                                                                               - Mandi

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