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Childbirth Education

What People Are Saying

"I can't say it enough, wonderful and informative for new parents and seasoned parents alike. As a 3rd time Mom, I was skeptical about paying for this but after the first class, I knew it was money well spent. The information and techniques we will take into labor and beyond has been laid out in a very easy to understand way. Mandi has the perfect personality for a doula and educator. She keeps the class fun and full of useful information. My partner and I feel ready for just about anything thanks to this class. A+++"

"This class has made me less nervous about having a natural childbirth. It has definitely empowered me, and I never left the class feeling like I didn't understand something."

"Class was very informative and relaxed for an easy learning environment. We are very happy we chose to take it and very glad Mandi was our instructor."                   


"Mandi rocks! Very fun and educational!"              


"Loved the class and community we got to build with others who took it with us!"

"We feel prepared for labor & delivery because of this class. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to learn in a group & form a connection with the woman who will help us bring our baby into the world."

"We are SO GRATEFUL we found this class and found Mandi! The amount of confidence I have in my ability to handle/make educated decisions during birth has skyrocketed. This is a thorough class for anyone looking to have a natural birth or any first time parents - invaluable to our preparations for birth."

"We went into this class not really knowing much about what to expect for the class or about childbirth "facts". Now, we can both say we truly feel more informed about the entire process, especially medical interventions. Our initial feeling about childbirth was "let's try to go as natural as possible, but pain meds sound great!" We now just feel so much more capable of making a decision based on facts rather than emotion or hearsay. It's comforting and calming to know our decisions will be more informed and ours. Even on nights when we went long and the chairs were stiff, the open and easy nature of discussions were something we didn't expect. It was wonderful!  Thank you so much, Mandi! We're so glad you're our doula!"

"I learned everything I needed to know about birth & more. I feel like I was really prepared as a father for what was ahead. We made the right decisions based on the information we learned and were ready when things started to get tough.  Mandi is the best!"

"Mandi was an excellent leader. She has an amazing amount of information beyond what is in the book. I learned so much that I would have never known of or thought of. I feel like every single person expecting a baby should take this class!"

7-week Childbirth Education Series

 A comprehensive, modern approach to Preparing for Childbirth!!

  • Emphasis on strengthening partnerships and feeling well-prepared, both mentally and physically, for your birth journey!

  • A universal approach that applies to all expecting parents, including thorough information to make educated birth preference choices. Draws in techniques from Hypnobirthing, Bradley, Lamaze, and more!

  • "Hands-on" learning activities with an interactive, community-building atmosphere.

  • At-Home exercise and practice guide.

  • Explore a variety of techniques for comfort and focus such as breathing strategies, Rebozo, innovative labor positions & comfort techniques, and more!

  • 7-week series :

    1. Setting the Stage (Introduction/Hormones)

    2. Early & Active Labor

    3. Transition & Pushing

    4. A Coping Mindset & Comfort Measure Exploration

    5. Navigating Interventions

    6. Labor Rehearsal/Review

    7. Beyond Birth/Breastfeeding.

  • Access to lending library of books/cd's/dvd's.​

  • Discounts on Beautiful Beginnings Doula Services for class participants!

** 3-hour refresher course options for those you are preparing for birth again are available on a limited basis ** 

Contact me for enrollment dates or to sign up for the next series!

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