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Benefits of Doula Care

The Doula Difference​

Each role of the birth team provides vital care:

  • Your medical care provider (midwife or doctor) focuses on the safety of you and your baby, and guiding you with possible medical decisions that need to be made. 

  • Love, companionship, feeling safe, and intimate knowledge of the birthing person is provided by the primary birth partner (when applicable). 

  • Your doula brings comprehensive knowledge of the physiology of birth, the importance of client-centered nurturing support, and the impact of the transformational experience the birth memory holds for the family. 

Doula care is backed by research!


Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula's presence at birth: 

  • Tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications. 

  • Decreases stress reactions, fear, and anxiety. 

  • Improves birth satisfaction and positive feelings about one's childbirth experience. 

  • Significantly reduces the need for labor-inducing drugs, medical interventions, and cesarean delivery. 

  • Greatly reduces requests for pain medications and/or epidurals. 

  • Can lead to higher infant APGAR scores and breastfeeding rates. 

  • Reduces instances of postpartum mood disorders. 

  • Helps parents adapt to new family dynamics with greater self-confidence in their parenting. 

  • Not only are we beneficial to families who desire unmedicated birth, but also for those who require medically necessary induction or interventions, prefer medicated pain relief, planned cesarean, etc. A supportive doula realizes that not one type of birth is right for every family.

* Now partnering with a certified lactation counselor/postpartum doula to visit you upon returning home with your baby after delivery! Visit Life After Birth for more information! 

How doulas bring the magic: 

  • Assists the family during the prenatal time to gather resources and information to develop their individualized preferences and desires. 

  • Provides continuous support throughout the labor and birth, utilizing comforting, affirming, and relaxing techniques.

  • Emotionally supports the birthing person and partner with calm assurance and an objective viewpoint.

  • Facilitates communication with medical care providers, as well as helping to gather information needed to make informed decisions. 

  • Support continues into the postpartum period, including breastfeeding support, and visit(s) to process your birth experience and gain your valuable feedback. 

“I went into birth a bit afraid - not because I wasn't prepared or didn't know what to expect, but more so because I didn't know if I'd be strong enough to do it. From the second Mandi walked into the room, that all went away. She provided all of the calm support we could have possibly dreamed of. Every baby I have, Mandi HAS to be there - she's part of the family. She reminded me how strong I am every step of the way. With her guidance, I was able to accomplish the biggest triumph of my life: bringing our beautiful daughter into the world without medication. Because of Mandi, I'll never forget that I can do anything." Brooke D. 
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