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Professional Testimonials

"I love working with Mandi. We take a team approach to supporting a woman through her pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and motherhood. I feel like she is another heart and set of hands. I know having her present during a birth decreases the need for medication, epidural, and surgical delivery. I am always glad to hear a patient has chosen her as their doula." ~Karen M.L., CNM 

"As a local midwife, I have the joy of working with Mandi. She is definitely one of the best in the business. She provides the knowledge and tools for our patients to be successful in their birth journeys. Her clients are always well-prepared, which allows them to have the best experience possible. We highly recommend her services to all of our patients!" ~Deann B., CNM

"I have worked as a nurse in Labor & Delivery and Postpartum for over 20 years. Mandi has been a wonderful part of the majority of those. It is always such a pleasure working with her and her clients. There is an unspoken rhythm in our shared deliveries that is so peaceful and reassuring. As a practitioner, I always know that Mandi will have her client's best interests in mind, be wholeheartedly supportive to her clients and their loved ones, the nursing, midwifery and physician staff. As professionals, we have developed such a huge trust in Mandi's extremely capable support to her clients, and trust the information taught in her classes and at the bedside. She is truly a blessing and shining star in our eyes! We love her!" ~Nicki E., RN

Client Testimonials

"I will recommend Mandi to every pregnant mom that I come in contact with. I definitely realize how having a Doula on your birth team increases your birth satisfaction by a significant amount. Having her there gave me more ease, confidence, and clarity with the birth that my husband and I wanted to have. She was so knowledgeable and supportive of everything we desired, and truly cared about our experience!" ~Dr. Ashley H.

"Mandi is such a blessing. She is my teacher, my Doula, and my friend. She's a support for myself and my husband. A confidence booster. A familiar face in an unknown environment. Provides comfort measures and compassion. I can't imagine my pregnancy and birth without her!" ~Rachel R. 

"I had anxiety about finding a doula at the end of my pregnancy, when I found myself feeling unprepared for the big day. We were so lucky to find Mandi - she made sure we had all the time with her that we needed to feel prepared and at ease. At the birth of our daughter, Mandi filled the perfect space for us. She gently guided us through unchartered waters, quickly calming any fears that arose. She gave my partner the support he needed to stay in the moment with me every step of the way. I felt safe, supported, empowered, and wholly cared for with Mandi as our doula. It is an understatemnet to say that Mandi helped us have an AMAZING birth experience!" ~Kellyn W. 

"I was extremely scared of labor at the beginning of my pregnancy journey, but after every interaction with our doula, I gained more knowledge and confidence. When the time came for me to have my baby I was still nervous, but I was also confident in myself and my body's ability to give birth because of everything Mandi taught us. When my nerves got the best of me, she always acknowledged and validated my feelings, but also reassured me that I could do it. She also provided my husband with the confidence and knowledge he needed in order to support me. She also made it possible for him to relax and focus on me, because he knew he wasn't alone and that he didn't need to know everything because our doula would be there for him to lean on. We had an amazing labor and birth, and I know that's because of everything our doula taught us, and also everything she did for us. We can't thank her enough!" ~Alma S. 

"Of course Mandi is absolutely knowledgeable on her subject. But there are many people who know things like this, and this is not what makes Mandi a truly exceptional Doula and human being. These are the reasons Mandi is such an amazing Doula and why we will be forever grateful that she shared in our journey:

  • She is passionate about her work & loves what she does. You can tell that from the way she talks about her work, former clients and their babies, and by the way her face lights up when she talks about the "big day." Conversations with her are extremely informative, but they are also fun. We laughed so much during our visits and this helped so much feeling at ease with her.

  • She believes that giving birth can be and should be an enjoyable experience. At the end of our first meeting, she said "We will have so much fun!" and I was just amazed by that, because it impacted my outlook on birth deeply. She doesn't mask the fact that things will be painful and that people experience their limits in giving birth, but she makes you believe that you can have "a good time" and that she will do anything she can to help you in achieving that. Knowing that Mandi would be with us in the hospital put me and my husband in total ease. We were not afraid (anymore), we were excited!

  • She believes in you. And she makes that very clear during her meetings. It is very empowering to have somebody with you, who makes you feel: You can do this! We ended up with a c-section and at first, I was devastated, but Mandi came to the hospital, waited with us, was with us in the OR, helped me breastfeed, and only left when we were settled in our postpartum room. And through all of it, even though this was the complete opposite of what we wanted, she made me feel that things would be ok, I would be ok. And thanks to that, I don't have regrets and still had a fulfilling birth experience and I will forever be grateful for that." ~Regine C.


"After having a somewhat traumatic birth with my first child, I was really fearful of what might happen with my second labor. Mandi helped me gain the confidence I needed to go into my second labor with a positive outlook. She reminded me that I did not have to repeat my experience and that I could still have the birth that I wanted. When labor came, Mandi was there to provide me with the perfect balance of support and light humor, of excitement for what was ahead balanced with healing over my past experiences. I felt so cared for!! Mandi really wished for a healing birth experience for me, and that is exactly what I got. Mandi seems to have a healing energy about her both mentally and physically. I remember her hands on me through some of my contractions. It was as if her support and energy were flowing out of them. I also remember her hands on my baby right after she was born. There was a beauty to it I can't quite explain. Her care and compassion was there for all of us. I am still amazed at my birth experience. I think to myself, "did that really happen?" Mandi was an absolutely integral part to the whole experience, and I am forever grateful." ~Angela B.


"Mandi was a refreshing presence during our labor and delivery. She was there as soon as I needed her, and didn't leave our side until we were settled in with our beautiful baby boy. She was just the confidence booster I needed at times that I felt I could not go any further. She talked me through the rough patches, and kept me focused on my goal of a drug-free natural birth. I was able to have a successful VBAC with the support of my husband and doula. Mandi is a true blessing in the world of childbirth! From the moment I met her, I felt like I could trust her to help support us during one of the hardest, but most rewarding times in my life. I have recommended her to every pregnant woman I know!" ~Kacey P.

"Thinking about Mandi and her role in our daughter’s birth honestly brings tears to my eyes.  Mandi was the epitome of loving, patient and calm throughout my pregnancy and labor.  She tirelessly rubbed my back during labor- for an inhumane number of hours.  She helped create a safe-feeling environment for my husband and me to connect and get into our magical “zone” together.  With Mandi’s support I felt peaceful and strong, even though my labor was challenging at points. I was even told at 9cm dilated that I would have to have a C-section.  It was because of Mandi and Mandi alone, that I didn’t.  When it seemed that we’d tried everything, Mandi came up with another idea- that worked!  It was because of her advocacy, as well as the mutually respectful relationships she has with our midwife group and the hospital staff, that I had my unmedicated, vaginal delivery. It only seemed fitting that Mandi cut our daughter’s umbilical cord.   A photo of Mandi and our sweet girl will live on in her baby book, and I look forward to telling her the story one day." ~Katy P.K. 

Dad's Love Doula's Too!!

"We are so glad that Mandi was with us for the birth of our first child, and we will use her again in the future! As a husband, Mandi really allowed my wife and I to stay close throughout the entire birth. She knows how to take care of all the things that I would have had to do (or wouldn't have thought of) so I was able to be by my wife's side She was a great comfort, and was right there when we needed her. She was a great coach for my wife during a fairly difficult labor, and as a husband, helped me take care of my wife. We were so glad she was there with us!" ~Will S.

"My wife Jess, God bless her, had birthed our first 2 children completely naturally with only me by her side. She did an amazing job, so I thought we would do the same for our 3rd. She had a different idea!  First she wanted a midwife, then a doula, neither of which I had any idea what the heck they were all about and not something I wanted to be a part of. When I met Mandi, I was extremely apprehensive, and thought she would just be a waste of money, but again, because Jess was adamant and she was doing all the work, she won out and we hired her. This turned out to be a Great!!! Decision! This birth would have been so hard without the help Mandi provided - from meeting ahead of time to prepare, to being there helping us at the hospital, it was a blessing.  She did some things I could not have done...she knew all the right ways to help Jess birth a 10 lb baby naturally - walking the halls, pressure on the back, positive and calming words, taking video, keeping everyone calm - she always knew what to do, and I actually felt like I was able to be MORE involved and more a part of my son's birth, without the pressure of having to know it all. I went from saying I would never have whatever a doula is, to never wanting my wife to do it without Mandi!  Mandi is an expert in her field, made the birth process so much easier, and was a great addition to our birth team.  I highly recommend her to anyone!!" ~Lee S.

"Peace of mind and confidence. That is what Mandi provides to a couple giving birth, and believe me, that was invaluable. I had no idea what to expect, and as a result, had no confidence in what was going to happen and how. Mandi took the mystery out of the process and made us feel at ease. I couldn't imagine having our daughter without Mandi and I want her there for the birth of all our future children. She was worth everything and then some. I could not recommend her any more highly." ~Joel B.

"When a couple makes a choice to have just the two of them in the delivery room, I don't think they fully understand how having a doula will change their experience. Being a first-time father, I would not have been able to fully support my wife during labor without Mandi present. We will always use her as our doula!" ~Jason B.

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